We are three creatives living in Portland, OR. We have been best friends since high school, nearly ten years now. Even though we decided to move to the Pine State for different reasons-- the Cook is a photographer, the Baker moved for family, and the Cocktail Maker came for the love of PDX (and us)-- we couldn’t be happier to be stuck together again. We decided to start this blog as a way to enjoy and share each of our talents, and to spend time together doing something creative and interesting. Through this blog, we hope to inspire other people to follow their dreams, even if that dream is just to learn how to make the perfect roast, or macaron, or Old Fashioned.

And we needed an excuse to make extravagantly delicious food and drinks for our own consumption.

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The Cook

Taylor Sanderson is not only our cook, she is also our fabulous web designer and photographer! Her mom taught her to cook when she was young, and Taylor took those basic lessons and ran with them. She rarely measures anything, opting to season and taste her food through every step, but she’s trying to figure out how to write down her recipes for others to recreate. 


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The Baker

Danielle Winson is the main writer for this blog, and also obsessively edits every piece of what gets published here. Her younger sister first inspired her love of baking, with many a loaf of banana bread baked after school together. But, Danielle’s love grew once she was hired as a baker for a small Portland cafe. She is a tea enthusiast, and tries to incorporate tea into her bakes whenever possible. 


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The Cocktail Maker

Megan Levine is our energizer bunny, passionate to the extreme about her craft. She started as a barista, always coming up with exciting new flavor combinations, and she brings that creative “drinking” to her new job as a craft cocktail enthusiast. She is also a nurse, focusing on OB/GYN, and a talented artist.